Joe Singh’s resignation

Dear Editor,


It was just learnt that a most distinguished Guyanese, retired Major General, Joe Singh has resigned as Special Assistant to the President of Guyana and as well as from State Boards.

This was a gentleman who functioned with high esteem, integrity, impartiality, honesty, morality, principle, decency and the list goes on and on. A man who can walk the streets anywhere with his head high without an uttering of bad words and feelings. My guess is that he has realised that he is now not a “fit and proper” person to serve this current President in the highest office of the land. He was unjustifiably deemed not “fit and proper” by the President who rejected the Opposition lists to accommodate his “chosen one”.

Mr. Joe Singh, your legacy as a true patriot will last forever in this forbidden land. It is with great regret that the President sees you as being not “fit and proper”.

The next person who will be deemed not ‘fit and proper” would be Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo who has the smallest portfolio of all Prime Ministers on this planet and even less than some of his Ministerial colleagues in the current Cabinet. Guess they are implying that you are not “fit and proper”.


Yours faithfully

Laurence Williams, ACCA,


Ontario, Canada

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