Monument commemorating Indian immigrants should be at Highbury


Dear Editor,

Mr Nowrang Persaud has for some time been advocating, quite correctly, that the Indian Monument to be donated by the Indian Government should be located at the point of arrival of the first Indian Immigrants at Highbury. A few years ago, I led a delegation from the Indian Commemoration Trust supporting that a fitting memorial should be erected at that spot because it is physically the area where the first batch of Indians arrived, and if in doubt, I could send a copy of the book by Peter Rohoman who has taken the time and effort, without compensation, in writing the history of Indians in Guyana in their first 100 years (from 1838 to 1938).  Well, it seems that the Gods are against erecting a Monument at a place that is not considered suitable as the entire thing caved in.


Yours faithfully,

Dr Yesu Persaud

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