President has shown leadership in appointment of Chairperson for GECOM

Dear Editor,

The recent Constitutional appointment by His Excellency David Arthur Granger has publicly revealed what Africans in Guyana and the Caribbean all know. Indians do not want to be ruled by an African Leader. Former President Jadgeo insulted democracy, the spirit of the Constitution, the Guyanese Nation and the High offices of the Presidency,  when in his first and only legitimate constitutional list submitted on December 21, 2016, he had the racist, political gall and incredible audacity to name Ryhaan Shah, Christopher Ram, Ramesh Dookhoo, Major-General (retired) Norman McLean, Lawrence Lachmansingh and Professor Dr. James Rose.

Any fair minded Guyanese would recognize that this list was a political list with many who were neither “fit nor proper” or former judges.

Indeed, Norman McLean was born on November 23, 1935, making him 82 years of age in a few weeks. Ryhaan Shah is a well-known partisan Indian Supremacist and most of the others had long and deep political and other relationships with the PPP.

The Private Sector Commission which through its actions of the last 30 years can be justly called a culpable partner of the PPP in the pillage of Guyana; the Guyana Human Rights Association which has never championed land rights or equal rights for African Guyanese; lawyers and accountants and so called businessmen and women who have benefited in the past in a developed “criminal state” of money laundering, theft and embezzlement etc.; and all others groups who are now claiming “an end to democracy” ….. all know and have supported by their silence,  the racist behaviour of Bharrat Jagdeo who ruled Guyana for 12 years.

These now “recently converted and born again moral agents” said nothing when Jagdeo’s government conspired with a convicted Indian drug lord Roger Khan. This was not the end of democracy in their eyes. The extra-constitutional killings were normal in their version of a democracy or ethnic state.

They said nothing when Jagdeo unilaterally transferred hundreds of thousands of hectares of land to Indians in Guyana and from India. They said nothing when Jagdeo gave away licences, contracts and other State patrimony to primarily Indians.

They hid their faces and remained silent when the UN investigators in 2009 announced that the PPP marginalized Africans in Guyana economically, culturally, politically and socially. Their silence was conspicuously loud when Donald Ramotar prorogued parliament in 2015.  In fact, they continue to be silent in the face of irrefutable and compelling evidence that Jagdeo’s racism makes him a “not fit and proper” person to be in Parliament.

President Granger has courageously responded to the racist strategy of Bharrat Jagdeo.

He has followed the Constitution and exercised his constitutional Presidential prerogative.

He has shown leadership in bringing closure to a PPP designed agenda to frustrate the appointment of a Chairperson for GECOM.  He has signalled his intention to get on with the serious business of government.  He has sent a clear message to international observers and investors that Guyana’s development and progress will not be impeded by the racist, political and economic agenda of Jagdeo’s disgraceful PPP.

Calls of “rigged elections” are for liars and racists. These individuals and organizations know GECOM has seven votes and both the PPP and the APNU+AFC have 3 votes each.

How can Justice Patterson’s appointment result in rigged elections?

It was the Jagdeo’s puppet Donald Ramotar who committed the greatest threat against democracy in Guyana when he prorogued parliament in 2015.

It was the PPP who aggressively and unpleasantly hounded the previous Chairman of GECOM out of his position because he refused to bow to their demands or turn a blind eye to the PPP’s shenanigans.

Africans in Guyana, the international community and well intentioned Guyanese need to support the President in his lawful interpretation of the Constitution and for his decision to promptly abide by the Rule of Law in Guyana. Today, the PSC, GCCI, GMSA, bankers, Indian supremacists, accountants, lawyers and others are showing their true colours as they continue to sabotage our “democracy”.

Never again will Africans sit idly by and be marginalized.  Kudos to the President for his brave actions in standing up for Guyana.

May “democracy continue to live”; May justice reign supreme.

The international community must never allow itself to be fooled again by the PPP at the expense of a racist agenda targeted against this Government and the long suffering people of Guyana.

Yours faithfully,

Wonetta Jones

Secretary of ACDA for

The African Cultural and Development


Pan African Group (Guyana) Branch

The All African Guyanese Association

Concerned Citizens in the Diaspora