Hats off to Dr. Balwant Singh’s Hospital

Dear Editor,

Three years ago I started seeing `cloudy’ whenever light would enter my eyes. I sought help at the GPHC but was given the general run around by persons at the ophthalmology (eye) clinic.

A few months ago my siblings came to Guyana and observed my situation, after enquiring they took me to Dr. Balwant Singh’s Hospital located in East Street.

Eventually we had a meeting with the ophthalmologist, by whose supervision I went through seven tests and was diagnosed with cataracts (I could not have seen out of my right eye). The surgery was arranged and I went through it at the professional hands of Dr. Neeraj Jain.

The staff at Dr. Balwant Singh’s Hospital are all extremely kind and humanitarian toward their patients and our companions. Thank you Dr. Neeraj Jain, after reading this it is axiomatic that I can read what I am writing again. I would also like to thank the clerical staff.

Special thanks to Nurse Natasha who welcomes patients for surgery by saying “I am Nurse Natasha & I will be your

nurse before, during & after your surgery”. Hats off to Dr. Balwant Singh’s Hospital.

Yours faithfully,

Murtland Williams

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