Animal welfare group established

Dear Editor,

I write to let you know about a new animal organisation called “Animal Welfare Activists of Guyana”, which was started up by myself, with the help of Syeada Manbodh (well known Animal Rights Activist) on 15th July 2017 with the intention of improving animal welfare standards in Guyana.

I am still in the process of laying the foundations of this non profit organisation but our Facebook page – Animal Welfare Activists of Guyana – Georgetown Branch, which gives a lot of details about our mission, and is full of useful information on animals, is ready to be launched to the nation.

We now have an online Public Group in every main town of Guyana (see our Groups section) and I would like to invite members of the public who have some interest in animals to join the Public Group in their town/area.  This will enable them to meet other animal activists and interested parties and help them get animals adopted, (rather than strayed on the streets of Guyana) and get something positive done about the situation.  Our Public Groups offer something for everyone and are the start of that positive change.

We would also like people in Berbice to join our Berbice Public Group as many letters have been written about animal cruelty there and our online groups are the start of tackling the issues there.

The Vision of AWAG is to transform Guyana from the animal “hellhole” it is today, to an animal abuse free Guyana, where animals are safe, loved and appreciated.  We intend to achieve this by calling on all parts of the community to work together to achieve this, and using social media facilities to reach all corners of Guyana.

For more information please see our facebook page.

Yours faithfully,

Shanti Mathews

Project Leader of Animal

Welfare Activists of Guyana

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