Dear Editor,

On Monday October 2, 2017 while walking with a friend on the seawall in the vicinity of the GTT cable and wireless network, we observed a fire on the northern side of the wall with the smoke crossing over the wall and the flame of the fire evident in the distance.

We observed the damage to the wall as the flame had already charred it…the fire was scorching the concrete.  We were able to walk past the fire as every walker was doing, but we stopped to call 911 and they promptly answered our call on the first ring.  The report was given and the person taking the call said: “Thank you Ma’am.”  We noted the person did not say, “we will follow up.”

What was of concern to us, was that the fire was feeding on driftwood.

Our further observation was the apparent disregard for public property and the garbage strewn throughout the length of the wall from Kitty to Camp Street.  Among the massive boulders over the wall, can be seen old vehicle car tyres and other garbage including clothes and bottles littering what should be a place of pride for us all.

Are there no patrols for public property, or must we be left to police each other?

I believe this is another report for the Solid Waste Department.  Can the authorities please take care!!

Yours faithfully,

Maria Rodrigues

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