Gold operations run by aliens should be investigated thoroughly

Dear Editor,

I make no secret that I am a staunch supporter of the PNC and therefore a (“dyed in the wool”) backer of President Granger and our Coalition Government. Nothing can change that.

When Minister Joe Harmon came out with his ‘feral blast’ early this year about age being a major factor in asking persons to step down, I was worried.

At the time Mr. Prem Persaud, Justice Kennard, Professor Clive Thomas and Hamilton Green were identified.

It has always been my view that it is not so much the age of a person, that is when the person was born, but what is his or her physical and mental condition to do the work they are assigned. In every society there are forty, fifty and sixty year-old derelicts, but this brings me to my main concern. I attended a function recently on Merriman Mall. Justice Patterson and Hamilton Green sat next to one another. It appears as though Mr. Green walked with stronger strides than Justice Patterson.

My next worry is I thought by now the government should shut down all of the gold mining operations run by aliens given the recent example of a Brazilian who turned out to be an alleged murderer and prison escapee from Brazil not only having several gold mining concessions but  also being a licenced firearm holder. And to make my proposals to shut down all these goldmining operations temporarily and to have them all investigated thoroughly, is that this gentleman apparently employed forty-seven Brazilians and no Guyanese. We will not be surprised if the declarations of these many aliens, miners are doctored and the children of slaves and indentured labourers get little from the exploitation of their patrimony,  that is our natural resources.

The early porknockers, Tengar, Ocean Shark, Frederick Mahaica and others who harvested gold but did not damage the environment as these miners are, must be turning in their graves and weeping as they look at our rivers being polluted, fish life almost completely destroyed in some areas and we talk about a green economy. My government must put a swift end to this rape of our natural resources. Give them four or six weeks to cease all operations, set up a special commission with the help of the Brazilian

Government, Interpol and others should investigate each and every one of these plunderers. Some are also involved in immoral activity in the City and the Coast. I am sure that the vast majority of Guyanese will support this proposal. In any case the State has nothing to lose but all to gain. Eric Williams once said ‘Oil don’t spoil’ when faced with improper exploitation of their God given gifts.

I want to hear President Granger secure our God given gifts to our children and our grandchildren and tell these aliens who have absolutely no interest in the future and well being of the Co-operative Republic of Guyana that gold don’t spoil or if the President don’t want to sound like a former Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago let him declare that gold don’t rust.

– Not a blade of grass, not one curass, not an ounce of gold


Yours faithfully,

Eric Moseley, MS

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