Region Two agri and trade fair was a success

Dear Editor,

Social cohesion is alive and well in Region 2. Many patrons visited the recently held trade and agriculture fair at the Anna Regina Community Centre ground. The colourful and well-organized spectacle proved beyond expectation; yet it was a vivid testimony of a united Region supporting a common cause. Notwithstanding, there were antagonistic elements who attempted to derail the event by projecting negative comments on social media to boycott the fair. It was perhaps the grandest yet since its inception almost a decade ago. The annual event is held in recognition of agriculture month and it was the brainchild of the former Minister of Agriculture, the late Satyadeow Sawh.

During the two nights of exposition and cultural display, almost one hundred booths were on display including the unique Amerindian village and the recently established cereal factory. Several small entrepreneurs also took the opportunity to showcase their products and expand their base of recognition. I was indeed impressed with the magnanimous support by the private and government sectors; hence the Regional Administration must be commended for its outstanding coordination of the event despite many challenges. Even the cultural aspect was quite memorable as it provided an opportunity for the Region’s local artiste to dazzle on the grand stage. It was a most unforgettable experience and one which has proven to unite the people of Region 2.

Economically, the exposition has created positive effects for small businesses whose creativity especially in the fields of art and craft, joinery, small scale agricultural production and packaging, local fruit juice production and jewellery making among other displays were well received by patrons. The local Guyana Rice Development Board as well as the livestock agency in Region 2 were also visibly present to provide key advice to farmers and poultry rearers; another vivid indication of the collaborative and coordinated efforts between agencies, the Regional Administration and the striving agricultural community.

This massive show of confidence from the public, government as well as the private sector therefore must continue on an even larger scale given that the Region is poised for steady and steep growth and development. The Regional Administra-tion must also continue to aggressively seek partnerships in every established and emerging field of economic ventures in order to lead the movement for providing a good life for the citizens in Region 2 and by extension being a model Region of self-sufficiency and economic stability.

Yours faithfully,

Elroy Stephney

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