The immediate problem for the PPP is the overarching dictatorial influence of Jagdeo

Dear Editor,

I broadly concur with the sentiments expressed by Craig Sylvester in his illuminating missive of 9th November in SN, where among other things, he has enumerated  PPP malfeasances over the period 1992 -2015.

In his integrated storehouse of knowledge, culminating in an amazing synthesis of the squalid PPP legacy, Mr Sylvester opined on, among other things, the option of PPP supporters constituting an alternative party; Though this is a fecund idea, I feel that it should be parked for the time being. The immediate problem  for the PPP is the overarching dictatorial influence of its beleaguered and tainted figure-head.

Let it be known that the PPP cannot win free and fair elections in 2020 with Jagdeo at its helm. To avert, what will surely be, an unmitigated disaster for the party in the 2020 elections , PPP supporters should start initiating pressure for reforms within the PPP executive,  that would hopefully accelerate the removal of Jagdeo. If that doesn’t have the desired effect, there is the most viable alternative, which is  to give support to the coalition; simply put, PPP supporters should consider voting  for the coalition, if Jagdeo refuses to step down as Leader of the Party.  Jagdeo has done irreparable and irredeemable damage to the reputational valency of the PPP; for the good of the party, he should just go.

I find Jagdeo a  divisive and selfish person, who is highly likely to continue the trail of chaos and  disorder that he had started in 1999 and had  left in 2011,  if he is  re-elected as President of Guyana, and that’s highly unlikely. This is a man for whom Guyana is a personal fiefdom, where his untamed usufructuary instincts reigned supreme over a period of twelve rudderless years, and who has contemptuously treated PPP supporters as supplicating liegemen.


Yours faithfully,

Joseph B.Collins

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