Hand en Veldt, Mahaica without potable water for a decade

Dear Editor,          
We are witnessing a mere trajectory of how our beloved utility company operates. We the residents of Hand en Veldt, Mahaica have been without potable water supply for over a decade; despite several pleas to the previous Administration (Government and Management of the Company), nothing was ever done.

With the change in Government in 2015, we thought things would have been different. Several pleas were made since 2015 to date, however it was not until recently we met with the Divisional Administration and we received support from them. The Division undertook the works assiduously and completed all of the tasks relevant to have the supply done. It’s been almost four months now and still we are yet to receive the service. We visited the division several times during the last week and tried to meet with the Divisional Manager, only to be told that this person was not in office. We proceeded to inquire from other managers in the division but they are “tight-lipped” about the situation and are not providing us with answers. We were advised to write to headquarters regarding the same issue. However this is amazing, is it really true that the central headquarter is not aware of our woe? Multiple letters were sent over the years to address this issue until we practically became frustrated. However, what must be recognised, are the politics addressed and how the situation was treated.

It is incredible that after one day of heavy protesting and barricading the residents of Mara received the service within 24 hours (Kaieteur News, 2017-11-18) and here we are pleading for over a decade and our voice is placed in the wilderness. We have several residents here and many more who want to join in building their homes but have not done so due to not having access to potable water. We are forced to pay $700 per 250-gallon water container to wash, cook, clean and drink. A typical household residence comprises of 4 to 10 persons who range in age. Many of us are peasant farmers with little children who have to go to school and even pensioners and have to be using water from the canal for personal and hygienic needs. Should this still be happening in the year 2017?  I don’t think this is fair and aren’t we Guyanese as the residents of Mara?

In my view, I do not think His Excellency, President David Granger  or the Honourable Minister Bulkan, are aware of this matter or I am sure we would have already received the service. We are therefore pleading with the Authorities to remedy our situation.
Yours faithfully,
(Name and address supplied)

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