Ansa McAl did not win a tender to supply drugs

Dear Editor,

I write to correct a statement made in the Monday (November 20, 2017) edition of the Kaieteur News, in an article headlined ‘Sole sourcing by GPHC, rentals for ministers…Finance minister, opposition clash on matters of accountability’.

The article states that: “It won a tender to supply drugs and pharmaceuticals to the tune of $605M” referring to Ansa McAl.

Please be advised that all available information in the public domain, including investigations by the Public Procurement Commission, indicate that there was no tender process and no award made by the NPTAB.  As such, it would be incorrect and misleading to peddle this line that Ansa McAl won a tender.

This inaccurate insertion would have misrepresented every objection raised by the PPP/C on this matter. Editor, this inaccurate insertion is also in line with what has recently been pointed out by the Opposition Leader, whereby Kaieteur News strategically places ‘mitigating’ lines to excuse the illegalities, incompetence and mismanagement by the APNU+AFC coalition government.

The fact remains that this transaction between the GPHC and Ansa McAl violated the Procurement Act of 2003. No obfuscation can remedy this matter.

Yours faithfully,
Bishop Juan A Edghill, MP

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