Why did no one help Ramnarine when he was attacked by bees?

Dear Editor,

Sometimes I feel I’m wasting my time writing to the editor because nothing changes.

The African killer bees have struck again. The nation was left reeling this past week by one of the deadly bee attacks. What makes this attack different from the previous ones was that this one was caught on camera. The nation watched as the bees attacked and killed Mr Ramnarine. Watching the video of the attack was horrifying. What I’d like to know is, is the Government of Guyana powerless to stop these bees?

In the second year of the Granger presidency, the desolation of the previous government in time gave way to great expectations of change, the good life and a more compassionate, caring and friendly society.

As Mr Ramnarine lay dying on the ever busy East Coast Highway, countless people saw and passed by him. Someone even took the time to video the attack, but not to help him. No one called 911, the police or ambulance. Numerous cars passed right in front of him. None stopped. No one thought for a minute that Mr Ramnarine could be their father, brother, uncle or even them. Everyone thought about what would happen to them if they stopped to help him. No one thought about what would happen to him if they didn’t. Even after the bees departed, no one tried immediately to get him to the hospital. He remained on the road for a long time. He died all alone in the presence of many people.

A bee attack can happen to anyone. It’s part of life for everyone. Life in Guyana, meanwhile, went forward. Everyone went about their business, going to the rum shops, shopping and hanging out. No statement of condolence was issued by the government. No apologies.

Editor, this incident really bothered me. I have a hard time understanding how so many people can watch a man being attacked by bees and do nothing. What if Mr. Ramnarine was my brother, uncle or father, how would I feel hearing that no one tried to help my family member?

How could we be so heartless to our fellow citizens? To imagine myself being attacked by bees and hundreds of people passing by me and not doing anything to help is heart wrenching. Where’s the love?

The bee attack was not first on people in that area. Why weren’t there more warnings in the newspapers, social media and television for the citizenry to avoid walking and riding bicycles in that area?

Editor, I hope one day if I witness such an incident that I’d have the courage, commitment and compassion to help. If I was being attacked by killer bees, I’d hope someone would try to help me. I was hoping that with this new government, people’s attitudes would have been more caring toward each other. But it seems as if not much has changed.

Unless the citizenry speaks out against these attacks, we’ll remain vulnerable to the bees. If we do nothing or say nothing what hope can there be to prevent the next attack?

Yours faithfully,
Anthony Pantlitz

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