The Constitution needs more checks and balances

Dear Editor,

I was never one of those people who was in favour of tinkering with the Guyana Constitution to suit our own needs.

However, when PNC Forbes Burnham and PPP Bharrat Jagdeo are deemed to be ‘dictators’ by some people then there must be something inherently wrong with the Constitution. If we are following a document that has faults in it, no matter how sincere our desire to help ordinary Guyanese, these faults will hinder our progress and create problems along the way.

As an example, while proroguing Parliament is constitutional it is not democratic. Similarly, while unilaterally selecting a Gecom Chairman is constitutional it is not democratic. Hence, our faulty Constitution needs to be revised. There need to be more checks and balances in place to thwart the rise of dictators.

Yours faithfully,
Sean Ori

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