Young Guyanese should know the writings of Walter Rodney

Dear Editor,

It is clear to everyone with an objective mind that the President is stacking the deck with likeminded stagnated thinkers to achieve a desired result that has nothing to do with Guyanese or even the followers of APNU. If you look at all the positions being filled to control the democratic process, the President has arbitrarily selected people that will do what his government wants. It doesn’t help that they are clearly too old to be progressive thinkers to consider the interest of the youth.

Never since Burnham has the youth been sidelined like this by a government.  As we know, the PNC is responsible for the assassination of Walter Rodney who at just 38 years old was a leading world intellect for oppressed people. This was the most decisive blow to the youths of Guyana from which we are still feeling the pain.

The recent casualty of President Granger’s questionable decision to select another geriatric for a critical post in our democratic system is the AFC. He arbitrarily selected an 84-year-old Gecom Chairman who will be 88 years old in 2020. This is not an attack on age but an insight into the President’s lack of progressive vision and his blatant disregard for the promises that were made to the young people of Guyana.

The AFC is now crying that the President has rejected their nominee for Gecom Commissioner, since it was their way of saying that the coalition supports the youth, but instead the President chose another clearly older member for the role. The AFC will now understand what many have been saying from day one, that they are voiceless and powerless. The only voice they have is when they are attacking the PPP. But when it comes to the inner workings of running the country, they are decoration.

I am hard pressed to think that President Granger is acting in the interest of the average Guyanese, but more in order to position the government as favouring foreign interests. And in this process you will see a lot of propaganda that creates the perception of care for the people, but in reality, our resources will be sold cheaply and they will keep getting bonuses while marginalizing the people.

All indications point to Guyana being the newest victim of the resource curse; it starts with a puppet Government which will create a few super rich and a powerful autocracy, while poverty will increase, keeping the people weak and voiceless.

I urge my young Guyanese brothers and sisters to know the teachings of Walter Rodney. He has inspired young legends like Chronixx whom they admire, as he inspires millions around the world. Well Chronixx got that knowledge from a Guyanese, and his name was Rodney.

Yours faithfully,

Malcolm Watkins

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