Number of unsolicited expressions of interest in the estates indicates they could be saved as currently structured

Dear Editor,

Several sections of the media reported on Minister of State, Joseph Harmon’s statement that some seventy unsolicited expressions of interest were received by the Sugar Special Purpose Unit in recent times. For the GAWU, it is not surprising that such a large number of expressions have been received as it serves, no less, to indicate that our union’s view that all the estates can be made viable and sustainable was realistic and possible.

But the Minister’s admission undoubtedly casts a dark light on the advice that the administration has been receiving from what we understand is a highly-rewarded GuySuCo IMC. We wonder if the government does find it strange that so many are advising that they can make the estates viable but GuySuCo is saying it cannot, more so when the corporation possesses so much institutional knowledge and experience. Clearly, an objective, rational person would see there is something that doesn’t meet the eye.

While heartened by the expressions received, the GAWU strongly believes that the industry could be saved as currently structured though a different approach is required. We urge the government to re-examine the advice it has received since, from all indications, it was not genuine and may be intended to further the nefarious ends of certain individuals.

Yours faithfully,

Seepaul Narine

General Secretary


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