Waste to Resource exhibition showed young people how to use household items to create employment

Dear Editor,

Every day we dispose of waste materials such as bottles, tins and cans, paper, rotten fruits, vegetable peelings, scrap cloth, etc. These materials are often dumped into the drains, canals and on the street corners. This can make the environment unclean to live and dwell in. So this leaves the question of how we can turn our waste material into lucrative ventures.

That question was answered when the Ministry of Communities hosted a two day Waste to Resource exhibition which saw many business and organizations finding creative ways to utilize waste materials.

Enchanted Gardens – Floral Arts is one such company that found a way to utilize scrap cloth. This company makes handmade headbands, hair pins, brooches, necklaces and other items using scrap cloth. The owner explains that her materials are gathered from seamstresses, tailors and even the fabric stores to reuse in her creations.

Another exhibitor, Hidden Gems showed that you can reuse bottles and glass to make ornaments and other household items. This was displayed at the event where patrons were amazed to see how they can reuse bottles.

Other exhibitors displayed examples of how you can reuse paper, plastic, seeds and even tyres for all household items and even to wear as fashion pieces.

I can go on with all examples on how we can reuse waste materials that we would consider as trash to make cash. What I noticed that was missing though, is a platform for standards to challenge the importation of items that would be able to push small business entrepreneurs. This exhibition was important to show our young people how we can use household items to create employment which in turn will help develop their communities.

Yours faithfully,

Diana Trotman

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