Woodlands to be congratulated on having such a sterling group of caregivers

Dear Editor,

I wish to convey my sincere appreciation and pleasure to Mr Deonarine Memraj, Administrator of the Woodlands Hospital, in the treatment I received at the hands of staff during a day-long visit, and then an overnight stay at the Cardiac ICU facility.  Nurses Vanessa Solomon, Malika Stephens, Boodhoo (night nurse), and Jacobs (Indian national) were all outstanding in their care, courtesies, professionalism, and dedication to the needs of patients.  Nothing was too much to ask of them, and their standards to both me and other patients are truly commendable.  I applaud them and thank them.

Additionally, Dr Mahendra Carpen and technician Jason Solomon were the epitome of selfless service, caring assistance, and considerable skills.  I thank them all, and congratulate Woodlands Hospital in having such a sterling group of caregivers.

I take this opportunity to wish them and Woodlands every success in the work undertaken.

Yours faithfully,

Gabriel H K Lall

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