Veto power of big nations at UN should be supplanted by consensus of full membership

Dear Editor,

The tension in the Korean peninsula is showing no signs of abatement. In fact, it is has now reached new and dangerous levels following the most recent launch of yet another inter-continental missile which some experts believe has the potential to reach the North American mainland.

The big powers, namely China, Russia and the United States are divided on how to respond to this emerging crisis. The United States seem to favour a military solution wheras Russia and China are more inclined to a diplomatic resolution.

Meanwhile, billions of dollars are spent on a military build-up by these competing powers which could have been better spent on poverty reduction and sustainable human development.

It is a shame that in this modern and enlightened age world leaders cannot agree on a peaceful resolution to conflicts and disputes which are taking such a heavy toll on resources, both human and financial.

What is needed is a framework for peace and peaceful co-existence which should govern inter-state relations and which should be enforced by the United Nations.

I think it is time for the veto power enjoyed by the bigger powers to be revisited in favour of a consensus at the full membership of the United Nations, especially when it comes to important issues of war and peace.

Yours faithfully,

Hydar Ally

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