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Dear Editor,

I write to share some exciting news regarding Guyana’s animals with the Nation and to invite schools, teachers and all members of the public to join our Animal Welfare Activists of Guyana facebook page and Linked Groups, so as to be able to partake in and benefit from this good news and wealth of local information every day.

Our Facebook pages and Public Groups are now teaming with a wealth of up-to-date information about Guyana’s animals from the domestic pets, to its wildlife, to horses and donkeys, local funny stories and issues affecting Guyana’s animals, and gives opportunities to adopt an animal and contribute to bringing about positive change in Guyana through education and sharing information.

Dr Grayson Halley, Msc. DVM, Dip. Animal Sc, Veterinary Surgeon & Animal Scientist of New Amsterdam, Berbice is posting regular updates to our pages on the medical issues affecting Guyana’s domestic pets – the cat and dog.  He is willing to share his veterinary knowledge with the Nation.  This will help to inspire the next generation of Guyana’s Veterinary Surgeons and I think that this is a very valuable resource for schools and teachers, as well as the general public.

Christina Ward, our overseas-based animal welfare activist who runs an Otter project called “Save the Giants” in the Karanambu region, Rupununi, is also sharing her knowledge and information with the Nation through regular posts to our pages about Guyana’s priceless giant otters!  Her posts offer a wonderful insight into the issues affecting Guyana’s wildlife which will inspire the next generation of Guyana’s Conservationists and Environ-mentalists, and makes a very interesting read for those of us who would like to know more about our own amazing wildlife.

Our facebook pages also offer Animal Adoption opportunities, so if you are looking to buy a puppy or kitten for Christmas, check our facebook pages first and give a homeless animal a chance  – Adopt instead.

We also post inspiring stories of interesting people we come across in the journey of AWAG and what the Scriptures in our holy books say about animals.

So don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity – to be inspired!

Yours sincerely

Shanti Mathews

Project Leader

Animal Welfare Activists of Guyana Georgetown Branch

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