Photo in budget focus was inappropriate

Dear Editor,

I just saw in your November 30th edition the Focus on the 2018 Budget document produced by Ram and Mc Rae and at first glance it seems a well-prepared analysis of the budget.

In my capacity as President of the Guyanese American Chamber of Commerce I would like to circulate this document, like I have circulated the budget speech to our business contacts.

However, it is a pity that such an important document would portray a negative image of Guyana through the photo chosen for the cover. I hold no brief for Minister Khemraj Ramjattan but it is not unusual for us human beings, in and outside of important halls such as Parliament, to ‘catch a nap’ when we are overcome with tiredness. We are human.

So, for such an important document which should be circulated around the world to business and other interests to highlight one of our members of Parliament “catching a nap” during a sitting of that honourable institution is certainly “not fit and proper”.  I am sure many will interpret this as vindictive, given Christopher Ram’s apparent characterisation by President Granger as “not fit and proper” in rejecting the recent lists put up for nomination of a chairman of GECOM. And such an interpretation cannot be faulted.

I expected better from Christopher Ram.

Yours faithfully,

Wesley Kirton

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