Citizens are not privy to the strong representation made by their councillors at M&CC statutory meetings

Dear Editor,

The Mayor and City Council wishes to thank you for your coverage of events, matters and issues affecting the work of the council and the nation’s capital. This is very vital to public trust, confidence and the cooperation of citizens in relation to the collective effort of the council. The success of the council depends heavily upon the involvement of all citizens in its decision- making process and the good governance of their local communities.

However, we do have a concern with the way some reporters cover and report on statutory meetings. We have noticed that for months, much of what has been reported in the local media is negative and confrontational.  Indeed, there have been times when the conversation and debate on different issues at City Hall have been extremely fiery and confrontational. But there have been times too when councillors have made important points and arguments on key matters affecting the progress of the city.  Interestingly, those are seldom reported in the press.

As a result, citizens are not privy to the positives and the strong representation made by their councillors at statutory meetings. In fact, they are led to believe that statutory meetings are about fights, quarrels and a waste of time. Not so.

Not that we expect the media to do public relations for us, but we are of the view that if the deliberations, particularly at statutory meetings, are reported in a fair, objective and balanced way then citizens would be more aware of the efforts of their councillors to improve conditions in their local communities.  This is an important point because this awareness can engender more support from citizens for the work of their councillors in their local neighbourhoods.

We are therefore seeking the assistance of those who are assigned to report on the council to carry the voices of all of our councillors and not just the ones who appear to be controversial.

Yours faithfully,

Debra Lewis

Public Relations Officer

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