Fee of $150 per hour for parking eminently fair

Dear Editor,

I refer to the news item titled, `Parking meter fees slashed to $150 per hour’ (KN December 3). I think that every constructive civilized citizen in this country should now have no issue with either the associated cost or the hopefully early reintroduction of this much needed facility.

A fee of $150 per hour represents a sharp 70% reduction from what was the original at the starting point, and is eminently fair and reasonable. That steep 70% cut is more than I would have relinquished at the bargaining table, and more than I expected. As Christmas bargains go, this one cannot be topped, and bodes well for a long life in many a new year. That said, I hope that this $150 per hour is not a teaser (sweetener) rate with hidden increases contemplated and ready to be rolled out at a later date when citizens are otherwise preoccupied with the many challenges in Guyanese life.

I believe that whether a quick in-and-out engine running, door open pause (less than an hour); or a brief shopping trip or business call (somewhere between 2-3 hours); or a day long presence (somewhere in the vicinity of 10-12 hours) this $150 per hour is a manageable figure. Nobody should have any serious complaints, or ones with substance. That is, unless they are philistines of the first order, and in love with what masquerades as traffic management, road decorum, and local civilization. Yes, I know that this country has been blessed with many such irremediable characters.

As shared several times before, I see parking meters as a vital necessity, and which possess the potential to introduce Guyanese to something called order and standards and behaviour, as well as an appreciation for the basics of everyday interactions. It would be difficult, but is worth a try. I always liked the project; I more than like the new number; and I look forward to those involved getting this project up and running, while bringing some dignity to life in this land of asphalt Canaanites.

Yours faithfully,

GHK Lall


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