We need a ‘one-party’ government to provide selfless leadership

Dear Editor,

Stabroek News of Saturday 2nd December 2017 carried a letter by Audreyanna Thomas titled: ‘Narrative for 2020 elections…’ and an article by Naicelis Rozema-Elkins titled: ‘Abuse aand broken leadership’ which I found most interesting, topical and obviously very relevant to the issues bedevilling our stagnant country. I therefore commend these two brave women and would like to beseech our leaders to pay keen interest and take appropriate action without any procrastination.

There can be no doubt that our apparently permanently divided and ‘broken country’ needs a ‘one-party government’ to provide the kind of selfless leadership that can heal our self-inflicted wounds. The old-style finger-pointing politics and appeals to narrow, selfish interests have proven for far too long that new recipes are required to create the Singaporean style of leadership and development we desperately need in our dear land of Guyana.

Yours faithfully,

Nowrang Persaud

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