New Demerara River Bridge is a rip-off

Dear Editor,

I was requested to comment on the Feasibility Study and Design for the new Demerara River Bridge prepared by Lievense CSO. (The Feasibility Study is available on web site

As you may recall, on November 13th Stabroek News reported that Ms Gail Teixeira criticized the lack of response from the Public Procurement Commission on her call for an investigation of the questionable circumstances under which Lievense CSO was hired. The commission might also want to consider if the pre-contract award junket organized by Lievense CSO for staff from the Ministry of Public Infrastructure may have influenced the selection process.

My comments on the Study were submitted to the relevant staff at MPI and it was agreed that after my comments were reviewed a meeting would held to discuss same.

When it became apparent that my comments were critical, I was told I didn’t see the big picture which was the need for a new bridge. Well I do see a big picture. What I gleaned from this highly tailored, contradictory, poorly prepared and presented report is the existing bridge which charges a car $200 to cross the river will be closed, forcing all traffic to use the new bridge, and that cars will now be charged $500 per crossing. What a rip-off.

Yours faithfully,

Edward Gonsalves

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