It is the duty of government to provide services to the disabled

Dear Editor,

As I travel across the Essequibo coast, there are so many people living with all sorts of disabilities. There are many workshops held across the country each year, but all of them to my mind are just talk shops; nothing tangible ever comes out of them. People with disabilities need action; they have suffered too long without any help. The most vulnerable are children who depend on their families; this should be the job of the state.

I speak here as another disabled person who does not have a voice in government or society, because no one in government listens to the disabled whether it is from the top or the bottom. We pay our fair taxes but without any fair returns. It is the duty of every government to provide all the necessary services to them. It is sickening to see how this group of the voiceless are being treated; they are looked upon as an inferior set of people, even though most of the disabled have served this country and made valuable contributions. There are records which can prove it, but then again who are the people representing the disabled?

Bear in mind many of us became disabled because of accidents on the job without any compensation; others happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Being disabled in Guyana is a challenge; it is like a dog eat dog situation. It would be good if roll-on roll-off buses could be provided in each of the 10 regions to take these people for medical check-ups or treatment. One has to bear in mind that the majority of the disabled people do not work or have a job and have no real income. No one knows what will happen to them; they could go to bed and never walk again.

Yours faithfully,

Mohamed Khan

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