Granger is responsible for the actions of his ministers

Dear Editor,

This letter serves to voice my agreement with Chris Ram.  It is meant to offend no one.  Ram  says, “If President Granger wants to regain the public trust in his administration, he needs to apologise to the nation for this diabolical act by his Ministers, remedy the violations, call in the Police, and take surgical action … But not before mounting a public Inquiry into all aspects of the administration of the Ministry of Natural Resources, including the negotiation of contracts outside of Guyana, in Grenada and in New York; the process leading up to the signing of an unnecessary, new Petroleum Agreement with Esso Exploration and Production (Guyana) Limited; and all financial transactions in local and foreign currency.”

I, being a political science major from York University am in full agreement that a leader such as President Granger is accountable for the actions of the minister(s) under his watch and therefore should answer to the Guyanese people ‒ his constituents, those same constituents who put him there and who can remove him from there ‒ should he fail in any of his fiduciary duties to the nation. Politics is all about utilizing the resources of a country for the benefit of the people, all the people, not just a few, and this scenario as presented by Mr Ram paints a different picture.

I sincerely wish that in this festive season Mr Granger, whom I find very militaristic, by the way, would correct any inconsistencies and anomalies for which his ministers are responsible in a fit and proper way.

Yours faithfully,

Mohamed S Zafar


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