Ministers should be sacked

Dear Editor,

I must commend Robert McRae for his courage and clarity of thought after he stated the case so clearly in relation to the ExxonMobil signing bonus deception and called for the sacking of all those involved. I must also commend Mr Goolsarran; he too demonstrated clarity and conviction when he called for the return of the money to the oil company. It is not that folks want to surrender millions of dollars for no good reason; it is that they want to be paid the proper value for our oil resources, and not enter a devil’s bargain that is essentially illegal.

This nation must be vigilant that our oil resources don’t become a national curse, as those of so many other oil nations have.

How many people have read about the Obiang ruling family in Equatorial Guinea and all the millions of dollars which they stole that bought up assets in California and France? These have now all have been seized. The courts in France ruled the assets must be liquidated and deposited in the national treasury.

I join Robert McRae in calling for the sacking of all those ministers in the Government of Guyana who denied that an oil bonus had been received from the oil company when the Guyanese nation did not know what had been given.

Yours faithfully,

Mike Persaud

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