The GFF does not control all forms of football in Guyana

Dear Editor,

The Guyana Football Federation (GFF) recently indicated that it would approach the Guyana Police Force and other public agencies to ask them not to give permission to any individual or company interested in hosting a football competition until the GFF gives its blessing. The justification is that the GFF will serve as the verification agency to ensure that football promoters engage in transparent and accountable practices so as to not bring the game or tournament into disrepute.

First off, the GFF does not control all forms of football in Guyana, and can only make such a request for officially sanctioned GFF tournaments. Any Guyanese can organize a football match or competition without the GFF’s blessing. Imagine every school or private person/company wanting to host a football competition needing the GFF’s approval? That seems like the curtailing of the rights of citizens and amounts to an unconstitutional overreach by the GFF. No other sporting body in Guyana has ever made such a silly request of government agencies. Moreover, with the GFF’s track record concerning its own accountability or lack thereof, this seems like another opportunity that could lead to kickbacks and favouritism.

The police and government agencies with responsibility for football grounds and venues should ignore this heavy-handed and unconstitutional request by the GFF.

Yours faithfully,

Chamine Lovell

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