Why is GPL not going after those who have no meter and steal electricity?

Dear Editor,

For the umpteenth time I am highlighting this grave injustice that both the government and opposition and no one affected seems willing or are able to address. Some are benefiting, others suffer.

The Guyana Power and light (GPL) continues to take advantage of vulnerable selected consumers. Why are they penalizing the consumers who are paying the maximum rate per kilowatt hour and seemingly ignoring the others who are stealing (without a meter) and not getting those paying $5 a Kw to pay the standard rate?  Those paying an average sixty dollars Kw are bled consistently.

Where else in the world would a government pursue and maintain such an unfair and discriminatory system and those affected just sit back and endure such injustice? One set is made to suffer to maintain others. Not only are the GPL workers consistently targeting the highest paying (if not in the world it is the highest in the Caribbean and Latin America) consumers for partial stealing, but they hastily disconnect the supplies for any lapse in payment. Many are also accused of tampering with the meters which most vehemently deny blaming the contractors. Many consumers have been back-dated for two years as the penalty for stealing. Many are slapped with hundreds or thousands. Those stealing openly remain free. What is GPL doing about the 36 communities they report have illegal connections? Why not go after the less than 10 communities that account for about 80% of all theft? No, they suck the honest consumers.

Editor, what is ever more galling is that when one is caught stealing or accused of stealing one is detained at a police station, then charged and fined in court, together with the guesstimate to years’ back assessment. When will this bullying cease?

Many paying the stipulated rate are irate that they are being hunted down and penalized while those stealing and not paying a dime, and others paying roughly one tenth the demand are not disturbed but enjoy to the maximum. They also question the reason they are not treated equally and pay the cheap rates others are paying or why they are not spared the harassment. Is it that we are not all equal?

It is indeed baffling that no others are speaking out and protesting this callous and heartless procedure. My home was inspected last week for the umpteenth time. Is this government comfortable with this slackness?

Yours faithfully,

M Sookraj

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