M&CC might appeal Parking Meter by-laws decision

Dear Editor,

The Mayor and City Council has noted the ruling of Justice Nareshwar Harnanan on the Parking Meter By-laws made by the Mayor and Councillors of the City of Georgetown for metered parking in the nation’s capital.

The council wishes to notify the public that it is actively engaged with its legal team. The council is examining various options regarding the course of action to be taken having regard to the ruling of the learned trial judge.

The council is of the preliminary view that the ruling exceeded the scope of the challenge brought by the New Building Society and as such, it has not ruled out challenging same before an appellate court to test its soundness.

In the interim, the council would continue to examine all possible recourses with a view to having a system implemented shortly to regulate parking in the city of Georgetown thereby significantly reducing congestion and environmental pollution while simultaneously helping the fight against crime.

This would enable the council to obtain much needed revenue to assist in its statutory mandate to sustainably transform Georgetown into a modern but aesthetically beautiful garden city.

The Mayor and City Council wishes to assure all of its citizens that it remains resolutely committed and unswervingly dedicated to improving the quality of life in the nation’s capital and lifting George-town to a plateau of environmental excellence.

Yours faithfully,

Royston King

Town Clerk

City of Georgetown

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