There are many goods on sale which have passed their expiry dates

Dear Editor,

The Mayor and City Council wishes to encourage all citizens to pay attention to all items, particularly foods and beverages they are purchasing during this festive season.

A report from the Meat and Food Hygiene Department of the council worryingly suggests that there is an abundance of various goods which have long passed their expiry dates on sale.

The council’s Meat and Food Hygiene Inspectors are visiting all municipal markets and other public marketing facilities in the city to ensure that foods offered for human consumption are wholesome.

However, citizens have a role to play to ensure that their purchases are not beyond their expiry dates. They should check labels and other informational materials on items before purchase.

Meanwhile the council is appealing to businesses to demonstrate corporate social responsibility by putting on sale items that are healthy and good for human consumption. In this way, they would be assisting the council to protect the health of citizens.

Yours faithfully,

Royston King

Town Clerk

City of Georgetown  

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