Citizens must take back their communities from bandits

Dear Editor,

My heart was delighted when I read a report in the daily newspapers that public-spirited residents of Non Pareil, East Coast Demerara had pursued, captured and detained one of the bandits who attacked and robbed the daughter of a parliamentarian.

According to one such report, the mother of four was making her way home on foot when men armed with choppers accosted her. It is unfortunate that she lost some of her valuables but I’m grateful she escaped with her life.

It is indeed commendable when communities can band together to defend their territory and counter any type of assault on one of their own. These callous, heartless robbers operate with impunity and without sympathy and have no value for life or limb. These criminals must know that everyone will not condone their anti-social behaviour and stand idly by while they pursue their nefarious agenda.

It is time we take back our communities from these miscreants. The Guyana Police Force cannot do it alone nor can the Community Policing Groups. While it is not always advisable to approach and confront these armed and dangerous men, whenever the opportunity presents itself, residents must capitalize on it. It requires an all-encompassing approach but until then Guyanese can come together to take back these streets from criminals by displaying the real meaning of community spirit.

Once again, kudos to the residents.

Yours faithfully,

Danielle Campbell-Lowe

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