Elevate the level of our Guyanese consciousness

Dear Editor,

The New Year should not Bring New Fears! New Year has joined the list of things that are gradually becoming objects of derision and contempt among many people. These New Year pessimists reason that if a person has not been sufficiently inspired to follow their dreams in the present year, not much if anything at all, will change in the New Year.  Point taken and noted!  However, every New Year brings in its wake the probability for a new start, a new outlook. The operative word is “probable”, for it is probable that someone will seize the opportunity, take advantage and get their dreams back on track. The New Year brings a clean slate since we like to make resolutions and promises regarding things we would like to change.   The question to be addressed is –What will be written on the 2018 slate?  What will the agenda be? The government especially needs to look at making changes that would change the way the populace currently view their governing skills.  What strategy would be used to empower the people? Will the government remain on the same endless tiresome circular path that has led the people to where they are today?  Will they take a new path? Will they adopt a new strategy? It is always fitting and proper to look at commitments in a new light, with a new “Here we go” attitude. We must not fall for the same old, tired rhetoric we hear every day from self-appointed leaders who do not lead by example. Neither must we allow ourselves to be duped by pandering politicians who are only interested in how they can use any one of us to get elected to public office, nor should we be lulled to sleep by intellectual banter that makes you feel good but fails to tell you how to do good, or do well for that matter. Above all, we must never pay into the same old “Okay” that has literally and figuratively programmed our people to wait in hushed anticipation of better things to come. The other question from the citizens’ end is: Then what must we do? First elevate the level of  our Guyanese consciousness through reading, studying, by listening and keeping company with brothers and sisters who are serious about doing the work of enlightening and  freeing our people from mental slavery, and not ashamed to announce their roots and origins. Connect with other individuals and let us collectively create economic initiatives that benefit our people, and not believe that economic and financial progress is for a certain racial sector of Guyanese.  We must boldly stand up against injustice, wrongdoing, common misdemeanors etc. Boldly stand up against injustice and wrongdoing, regardless of who the perpetrator is, whether it be our father, brother, sister, uncle, friend and to which social or racial category he/ she or it belongs.  When those tasked with upholding the law begin to show a flaw, be the first to report the acts and the facts.   Follow through on your commitments. Get fired up, and remain fired up long enough to get the task completed. Teach your children how to navigate successfully through this world. We must pay serious attention to taking better care of ourselves, as we are falling prey to too many illnesses that are ultimately fatal due to negligence on our part. Start doing or continue doing kind things for those less fortunate than you. Remember that it does not always have to be monetary. It could take the form of an encouraging word(s), a hug

without words, some baked goodies, a small gift given just because, or a few hours spent with a child who may not have a father or a mother, or may not be able to read. You do not need a programme to do this. All you need is yourself. Let us identify and support businesses where we have the competitive advantage because of our consumerism.   To the young —-Boycott prisons—Stay out of the cells and get into sales.  As the New Year looms on the horizon, let us as a nation help remove Guyana’s shame and devotedly labour towards restoring Eldorado to her former glory and fame.  Let us boldly face the New Year without any Fear.  Happy New Year to one and all.

Yours faithfully,

Yvonne Sam

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