The PPP no longer represents the interests of its supporters

Dear Editor,

The editors of Staboek News find it editorially judicious to continue publishing misrepresentations and propaganda, of which they are fully well aware, of a known boastful supporter of the PPP, Vishnu Bisram. I find it inconceivable that they fail to recognize that they are allowing their publication to be used to spread misinformation and misrepresentations of the truth, and that they are also ultimately responsible for continuing the intellectual oppression of the populace with this misinformation, which ultimately feeds the suboptimal outcomes at our national elections. Even if Mr Bisram has made strong points, this is artfully done to perpetrate his flawed message of Mr Jagdeo as a leader of substance.

It is impossible for rational individuals to consider Mr Jagdeo in any leadership capacity given what has transpired under his administration. Mr Bisram is not stupid. He like everyone else who reads the papers is familiar with both Mr Jagdeo and the PPP’s flaws, yet he chooses to ignore these issues, which are all widely publicized. As a canvasser for the PPP he continues to perpetuate the falsification of the ‘glory’ of Mr Jagdeo. I reiterate that PPP supporters have to get wise to the PPP and start another party.

Sean Ori’s letter ‘The PPP should take back the party from Bharrat Jagdeo,’ SN Dec 21, demonstrates the kind of thinking which is essential to driving political, and economic change in Guyana.  Even if Mr Ori may not be anyone of distinguished standing in our society, he amplifies what many Guyanese are thinking.  PPP supporters should by now have deduced that the organization and management of the PPP have been hijacked by the current group in charge, and that it is virtually impossible to dislodge them.  The primary reason for this is that the members of the PPP no more represent the interests of their supporters.

In democracies, when organizations fail their members, these organizations usually also themselves fail. While the PPP as a party undoubtedly presents a strong and viable connection with PPP supporters as a result of the memories of Cheddi Jagan which are attached, PPP supporters need to face the hard reality that it is virtually impossible to change the PPP under its current leadership without recourse to extraordinary effort.  They should simply move ahead with setting up another political organization to represent their interests.

Although I do not have political connections with traditional PPP supporters, I have, and am extending myself towards providing them with a platform upon which they can succeed in making themselves a political force in 2020.  (The editor should understand that every Guyanese has a right to reject any and all available political parties and to form their own, as I am doing.)  Many Guyanese, particularly coalition supporters, are already fed up with what is being dished out by the coalition, and are more than willing to put race aside to move Guyana forward. I have said before that now is as great an opportunity as ever to make a move in this direction.  Elections only occur every five years and if we miss this opportunity in 2020, we’ll have to wait another eight years from today, meaning that our potential leaders and the rest of Guyana will lose another eight years of their lives to the suboptimal outcomes that obtain under both the coalition and the PPP.

Yours faithfully,

Craig Sylvester

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