Two GRA officials were exemplary in terms of service

Dear Editor,

From time to time, government agencies take a public media beating at the hands of irate citizens, who have been subjected to either frustration or impropriety. On December 27th, I had the pleasure of experiencing the opposite, through impeccable courtesies and distinctive professionalism from two workers at the Guyana Revenue Authority.

Ms Funella Mitchell of the Licensing Unit greeted, received, and reviewed forms, copies, and the rest of the requirements related to my visit. Ms Mitchell did so in a smooth, efficient manner. Her demeanour and speech were both welcoming; this taxpayer felt special. During the exchanges of pleasantries, I mentioned a certain circumstance and an associated conflict and demand that would be problematic. Without another word or query, Ms Mitchell penned a quick note to Ms Singh, a supervisor in another department who, in turn, took the time to issue written approval for the processes to move apace.

Both Ms Mitchell and Ms Singh stepped forward unprompted to address the needs of this appreciative taxpayer and customer.  I can only laud this kind of thoughtful professionalism, which made for a warming experience.  This is the kind of customer care and public service that can mean so much in this society.  This is what makes a difference and separates the special from the routine in the everyday interactions of life.  This is what people like Ms Mitchell and Ms Singh deliver when they go above and beyond.  I thank both of them for their exemplary service; they are a credit to the operations and image of the GRA.

Yours faithfully,

GHK Lall

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