Dear Editor,

An abuse of power was very much evident when a traffic constable (name and number supplied) who is attached to Suddie station in Region 2 instituted 4 charges separately by way of summons against myself and my nephew for offences that were never committed.

Both myself and Saif Khan are hire car drivers. While using my car HC 4494 on September 10 last, the constable filed two charges against me for failing to produce my driver’s licence on the same day, the third for failing to comply with the conditions of the road service licence and the fourth for driving and failing to behave in a civil manner.

Similar charges were also instituted against my nephew Saif Khan while using his vehicle HC 8226 on June 6 last.

On the first court appearance to answer the charges a not guilty plea was entered on all the matters, and after several postponements the trial was fixed for hearing on Thursday (Dec 14, 2017), but on this day all were dismissed for want of prosecution. The rank did not turn up to testify and an excuse could not be provided for his absence; in addition, his whereabouts were unknown.

The malicious prosecution was very unfair having regard to the fact that so much precious time had to be wasted as well as money in this hard guava season to get legal representation. The disrespect shown by the rank to the court was bad, but worse still was the unnecessary problem created by him that will obviously do more harm than good to the Force which needs an improved relationship with the public.

An official complaint about the rank’s behaviour prior to the court hearing was brought to the attention of the traffic Sergeant in charge of the Division, but it was ignored.

Yours faithfully,

Akram Alli

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