Dear Editor,

President David Granger has announced the appointment of four new senior counsel, and it is disappointing that no Berbician is named, although the county has outstanding lawyers who could be elevated to the inner bar.

Well known blogger 1 Beak 1, who I think is an attorney, was the first to raise the query. I am happy that Fitz Peters is one of the four named. Peters should have been appointed Solicitor General many moons ago after the death of Julian Nurse, but he was bypassed and was promised judgeship, but that did not materialize either, and later there were rumours that he would be elevated to the inner bar, but he was not one of the nine appointed last January.

There is no Berbician on the list although there are a few in the county who are fit and proper to be elevated. Since the death of Marcel Crawford four years ago the ancient county is without a senior counsel. Bloggers criticized ‘Beaky’ and asked if he wants his county to secede. Murseline Bacchus who is one of the most successful lawyers in the state, not only in the county, should be given the nod. He was in the first batch of students from the Hugh Wooding Law School and he was called to the Bar in 1975.

Andrew Pollard joins his father Bryn in the inner bar. I think they are the only father and son alive in the inner bar. Eric Clarke and JT Clarke have long passed and C Lloyd Luckhoo died several years ago, leaving his son Edward, SC still practising in Guyana.

Josephine Whitehead was a solicitor before the profession was fused, and like K JumanYassin, she is an experienced practitioner. They all deserve the elevation, but there are a few who have been overlooked and I am sure the critics will come forward.

Yours faithfully,

Oscar Ramjeet

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