Guinness Greatest of the Streets

West Dem/ East Bank zone kicks-off tonight at Pouderoyen

The opening group stage night in the 3rd Annual Guinness ‘Greatest of the Streets’ West Demerara/East Bank Demerara zone kicks-off tonight at the Pouderoyen Tarmac.

In the opening fixture at 19:00hrs, West Side Ballers engage Brothers United, while the Money Team opposes Jetty from 19:30hrs, and ESPN face-off with Harmony Ballers from 20:00hrs.

The fourth fixture at 20:30hrs will pit Tajoe’s Admiral United against De Kinderen, while Patentia Street Ballers battle Agricola at 21:00hrs and Young Ballers oppose Goal Getters from 21:30hrs.

At 22:00hrs, Hustlers will match skills with Golden Warriors, while defending champion Showstoppers battle Good Intent All-Stars from 22:30hrs. The final fixture at 11:00hrs will witness Hustlers against Patentia Street Ballers.


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