Smith adjudged overall Novices champ

Novices Ms. Bikini Champion, Natasha Chung

The 2017 National Bodybuilding Novices Championship is a wrap.

Nolan Smith (bodybuilding), Roscoe Blair (Men’s Physique) and Natasha Chung (Ms. Bikini) were the young stars that shone the brightest when the Guyana Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation Inc. (GBBFFI) gave new athletes a platform to showcase their talent under the bright lights of the Theatre Guild stage on Saturday evening.

Smith, of Life’s Gym, brought his talents to the city and used his sharp physique to slice through the competition and take the overall spoils of the bodybuilding segment.

Before claiming the overall trophy in the pose down of categorical winners, the crowd favourite clad in a red pouch, posed and flexed his way to the under-21 and middleweight titles besting the nine other musclemen in the two divisions.

Despite lacking freaky mass and striations, Smith outfitted with rippling abdominals, obliques, pecs, wide shoulders and a slim waist, brought the tools necessary to get the job done against the young and upcoming bodybuilders in the 592. The judges agreed and the patrons at the overflowing venue applauded in approval.

Men’s Physique 

It was not an easy choice, but the judges awarded the Men’s Physique Showdown trophy to Space Gym’s Roscoe Blair ahead of Fitness 53’s Kacey Bailey and Faroud Mohamed in the short class. Blair then returned to win the overall spoils in the battle of the board shorts and aesthetics ahead of Bailey’s gym mate, Lancelot Gordon who won the first place trophy in the tall class.

Among a group of eight physique competitors, Blair brought the shape and stage presence the judges most wanted to see.

He was confident, well-proportioned, well-muscled and not overly conditioned.

Ms. Bikini

Natasha Chung of Tej Mohal Gym was the near perfect mix of muscularity, symmetry, beauty and style and took home the winner’s trophy for the category ahead of four other competitors. Crowd favorite, Rashawna Alleyne placed second while Oslyn McAlmont was third.

Categorical winners at Saturday’s Novices Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships were:

Under 21-years Nolan Smith (Life’s Gym)

Ms. Bikini Natasha Chung (Tej Mohal Gym)

Bantamweight- Greyson Lambert (Perry’s Gym)

Lightweight-Arlington Layne (Universal Barbell Gym)

Welterweight- Odel Crum-Ewing (Total Fitness)

Heavyweight- Oryan Joseph (Space Gym)

Men’s Physique -Roscoe Blair (Space Gym)

Notes: 2015 Flex Night champion, Godfrey Stoby guest posed at the event. Despite some minor hiccups, the show was well coordinated and the organizers, the new GBBFFI Executive must be given a thumbs up.

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