Reintegration of clubs in best interest of football – Forde

Guyana Football Federation (GFF) Chief Wayne Forde, said the decision to re-integrate Georgetown Football Club (GFC) and Pele at the association level, was done in the interest of the sport and players.

Forde during a brief comment, revealed, “This decision was taken in the interest of football. The GFF has no indication that Pele and the Georgetown Football Club wants to pursue this matter in further. The GFF will be supporting them in any way they need and at every level during the reintegration process”.

The GFF via an official release, revealed they have commenced the integration process of the two clubs into the Georgetown Football Club (GFA), following their relegation from the Elite League.

They [Pele and GFC] will now be eligible to compete in every tournament that falls under the umbrella of the GFA, with the final aim of earning promotion back into the Elite League.

According to Forde, “We have no reason to believe or have not seen anything that says Pele and GFC wants to pursue this futile matter any further and I commend the leadership of both clubs for putting the interest of the players first and we stand ready to support them. It’s our responsibility to bring them back into the football family and the responsible thing to do was to get them back to football”.

Initially the two clubs alongside Alpha United and Slingerz withdrew from the second season of the Elite League, after being at loggerheads over several issues with the GFF.

The major contention between the ‘sides’ was the decision of the GFF to increase the Elite League composition from eight to 10 teams, despite FIFA and CONCACAF via their respective General Secretaries, eventually ruling that the GFF has the constitutional power to alter any and every tournament that falls under their purview. Asked if a similar proposition has been offered to Slingerz FC and Alpha United, Forde revealed, “Those two clubs have maintained hostile position towards the GFF, they have never created an atmosphere where reconciliation or compromise could occur”.

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