FIFA recommends indefinite suspension for Alpha United, Slingerz


The Guyana Football Federation (GFF) has reportedly received guidance from the International Federation Association Football (FIFA), to suspend members of Alpha United and Slingerz FC for their role in filing an injunction against the local governing body.

According to a source close to the GFF, “FIFA has advised that the clubs and their executives be suspended indefinitely for their action. The players are safe from any form of sanction.”

This is the latest development in what is a long running saga between the clubs and the GFF.

Christopher Matthias

“That decision will be made shortly, the information was sent to FIFA about the injunction and they responded. They [GFF] has received formal and informal communications and FIFA know the undertones of the situation,” said the source.

The GFF, during the staging of its Ordinary Congress at the Park View Hotel, East Bank of Demerara, was reportedly issued with an injunction received by GFF Deputy General Secretary Renella Bourne.

The order, which was granted to members of Alpha United and Slingerz FC, [two of the four {GFC and Pele being the others} disgruntled clubs that pulled out of the Elite League second season and were subsequently relegated], attempted to halt the payment of prize monies for season two and stop the GFF from staging an election process.

This occurred despite FIFA and CONCACAF via their respective General Secretaries, ruling that the GFF has the constitutional authority to amend tournaments that fall under its purview.

The major contention was the decision of the GFF to increase the Elite League composition from eight to 10 teams [adding Victoria Kings and Topp XX].

Meanwhile, former GFF President Christopher Matthias commented on the current situation, stating, “I would not pronounce on the regularity or irregularity of the serving of the injunction. What I will deal with is the constitutional issue which needs to be considered. The constitution vests in the executive, the authority to make decisions for the development and good of football.”

According to Matthias, “In that regard, the executive is vested with the power to make rules for the hosting of any tournament and, such an authority is vested only in the executive and the constitution establishes that. No other sector in the GFF has that authority.”

He added: “When the Normalization Committee was performing the function of a duly elected executive, they were exercising the responsibility and duty established in the constitution. Thus when there was dialogue between the Normalization Committee and the Elite Clubs as regards to the rules of the tournament, there was no binding contract established which allows for, the teams to claim a breach of a contract.”

“It is the authority to make and amend rules that is vested only in the executive. A contract is two people dealing at arm’s length, at no time does the constitution ever vest in the Elite Clubs, the authority that it has vested in the executive. If the executive was required to consult as regards to changing of rules, it couldn’t be to consult with the eight elite clubs alone, it has to be with the supreme legislative body called the Congress,” Matthias added.

Asked if sanctions should be meted out to the individuals that filed the injunction against the GFF given that FIFA and CONCACAF has already ruled on the issue, Matthias answered in the affirmative.

“The constitution clearly states that no one, by their conduct should bring the game into disrepute.”

He added, “The gentlemen, these learned men, would have by their conduct brought the game into disrepute and the constitution clearly states the penalties that should apply. You have suspension, expulsion, and it is left to the executive and/or also Congress to decide, how injurious to the development of Guyana football, has been conduct of the individuals involved.”

Presently, the GFF through an official statement, revealed they have commenced the integration process of Pele and GFC into the Georgetown Football Club (GFA), following their relegation.

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