Vehicle Workshop win Banks DIH Limited dominoes competition

Vehicle Workshop won the Banks DIH Limited ‘XM Rum’ dominoes competition brushing aside Water Plant and Central Service on Friday at the Thirst Park Sports Club.

The Vehicle Workshop unit finished with 78 games way ahead of Water Plant and Central Service, who ended on 62 and 61 games respectively in the six round contest.

From start to finish Vehicle Workshop dominated, racing to 16 games at the end of the first round while Central Service battled to 13 games and Water Plant 10.

The match got closer at the end of the second round with Water Plant and Central Service on 25 and 22 games respectively and Vehicle Workshop on 26 games.

Vehicle Workshop seized control of the contest in the third round, scoring 14 games to tally 40 games with Water Plant and Central Service trailing on 35.

The lead for Vehicle Workshop grew at the end of the fourth round after they marked 15 games for a total of 55 while Water Plant and Central Service were on 45 and 41 games respectively.

The contest was effectively put to bed in the penultimate round which saw  Vehicle Workshop on 67 games with Central Service racing into second position, scoring 12 games to be on 53 while Water Plant struggled with a meager four games to be on 49.

Vehicle Workshop ended the showdown with 11 games in the final round while Water Plant claimed 13 games to reclaim the second position after Central Service only managed to win eight games.

Vehicle Workshop won a trophy and medals and they also received two cases of Guinness Stout.

Water Plant received a trophy, medals and two cases of Banks Beer while Central Service received the third place trophy, medals and two cases of GT Beer.



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