Gold is Money, Sparta Boss, Future Stars, Leopold St advance

Keep Ya Five Alive Futsal Championship

West Front Road-Gold is Money, Sparta Boss, Future Stars and Leopold Street secured contrasting wins, when the ‘Keep Ya Five Alive’ Futsal Championship continued on Tuesday night, at the National Gymnasium, Mandela Avenue.

West Front Road dismantled Newtown Kitty 9-2. Hubert Pedro tallied a helmet trick in the 17th, 19th, 23rd and 30th minute. He was assisted by his cousin Jamal Pedro, who secured a hat-trick in the 13th, 14th and 26th minute and younger sibling Randolph Wagner, who registered a brace in the fifth and 24th minute. For Newtown Kitty, Jamal Williams scored twice in the 23rd and 25th minute.

Similarly, Sparta Boss brushed aside Broad Street 4-1. Devon Millington recorded a brace in the 17th and 24th minute, while Sheldon Shepherd and Solomon Austin scored in the 13th and 27th minute. For the loser, Jimmy Gravesande netted in the fourth minute.

Meanwhile, Future Stars edged North Ruimveldt 3-1. Akeemo Anthony bagged a brace in the second and 15th minute, while Kieron Solomon netted in the 24th minute. For the loser, Gerald Gittens netted in the 14th minute.

On the other hand, Leopold Street needled Bent Street 2-1. Sheldon Profit and Omallo Williams scored in the 16th and 20th minute, respectively. Travis Allen was on target in the loss in the 19th minute.




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