Pele, GFC receive footballs as part of reintegration process

Recently demoted Elite League participants, Pele and Georgetown Football Club (GFC), were presented with footballs by the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) President Wayne Forde to aid their reintegration process.

The GFF via an earlier release had stated that they have commenced the integration process of the two clubs into the Georgetown Football Club (GFA), following their relegation from the Elite League.

GFF President Wayne Forde (centre) with GFC Team Manager Jafar Gibbons (left) and Pele FC Vice President Alexander Best.

The presentation which occurred on July 18th at the GFF headquarters, was made to Pele FC Vice-President Alexander Best and GFC Team Manager Jafar Gibbons.

According to a release from the federation, Forde said: “We will do our part in repairing the bridge and rebuilding this relationship that has been an extraordinary relationship over the years. The legacy of the clubs was one where they both have been dominant forces on the field and we hope that the leadership of the clubs will reposition their priorities and objectives over the coming months to reassert themselves as strong bodies.”

Meanwhile Vice-President Best added, “We are excited to be back on the field…it’s very nice to be back with the GFF and we will accept these balls as a part of the grooming process for the team. We will mostly wish to use the balls for the practice games as we normally train with the local balls. Since we are concentrating on the youth, we would want to provide them the exposure of playing with the FIFA balls so they can get a feel of them.”

Similarly Gibbons posited, “It’s a great step by the GFF. You can make a field anywhere, you can make a goal out of anything but at the end of the day the most important thing in football is the actual ball because you can’t play without a ball.”

Gibbons continued, “It will be great if we practice and play with game balls as all of the leagues use the balls. If we train with a different ball, mistakes are usually made in the games when kicking a ball one is not familiar with so I think it is a great step forward especially since we have a very active youth programme. It will be a great thing to enhance what we already have.”




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