GFF presents footballs to RMAs

The Guyana Football Federation (GFF) has presented a quantity of footballs to its Regional Member Associations (RMAs) to aid in their preparation for the Frank Watson National U15 tournament.

The presentation, which occurred at the GFF’s headquarters in Section-K Campbellville on July 21st, was done by President Wayne Forde.

GFF President Wayne Forde (centre) posing alongside representatives from the Regional Member Associations (RMAs) following the presentation of balls for the long overdue Frank Watson National U15 championships.

In attendance were Frank `English’  Parris of the Georgetown FA, Noel Harry of East Bank FA, Kelon Josiah of Upper Demerara FA, Keith O’Jeer of Berbice FA, Carmel Williams of Bartica FA, Albert Tucker of Essequibo FA, and Adrian Giddings of West Demerara FA.

“We would like to have the Frank Watson Intra-Association U15 tournament kicked off. If there’s any challenge beyond the weather you have been experiencing, by all means, be sure to let us know,” said GFF president Wayne Forde.

“The federation is clearly doing its part to ensure that each association plays football, especially at the youth level, which is one of our most important development areas,” he added.

According to Forde, the league will feed directly into the new nationwide network of GFF-Scotiabank Academy Training Centres where young players receive professional, weekly coaching and mentorship in line with the GFF’s new national football philosophy, under the guidance of GFF Technical Director Ian Greenwood.

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