Annai storm back to shock DC Caesar 7–5

Digicel Schools Football Championship semi-finals

Annai Secondary created history in the Digicel Schools Football Championship, overcoming a 4-0 deficit to defeat DC Caesar Fox 7-5 in the second semi-final, last evening at the National Track and Field Centre, and earn the right to challenge defending champions Chase Academy in Sunday’s final.

The Region Nine titlist shocked the large gathering that had descended on the venue, outscoring the three time losing finalist and seven time Region Seven victor 6-1, after falling behind 4-0 in the opening 30 minutes.

A Reon McNaughton double in the fourth and 12th minute, alongside strikes from Alvon Hunter and Nadir Walker appeared to have settled the contest in favour of DC Caesar Fox.

Part of the action between Annai Secondary and DC Caesar Fox (Orlando Charles photo)

However, Annai had other plans, as they reduced the deficit to 4-2 heading into the halftime interval, via goals from relatives Sherrol and Naidison Daniels, in the 35th and 39th minute, respectively.   Although the score was increased to 5-2 in the 56th minute through a Jevin Castro conversion, Annai clinched the unlikely comeback triumph via five unanswered goals against a lackluster defensive line, stunning the mammoth partisan crowd.

Naidison Daniels commenced the blitz with a 59th minute strike against a clearly rattled rearguard, before Vasco Cabral etched his name on the scorer’s sheet in the 74th minute.

Naidison Daniels then sealed his hat-trick in the 75th minute to level proceedings at 5-5. Sensing blood in the water, Annai seized control in the 90th+2 minute, as Orville Daniels scored.

The historic victory was clinched one minute later, with Sherrol Daniels blasting into the lower right corner to spark wild celebrations on the field.

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