Podium places for Guyanese CrossFit athletes

Local CrossFit athletes, Stephen Fraser and Christina Rahman finished on the podium in their first overseas outing this past weekend in Trinidad where they competed in the CrossFit 12-12-12 Throw Down.

Fraser earned third place honors in the scaled (novice) category, while Rahman placed third in the scaled women’s category.

Captain of the 10-member national team, Jamie McDonald stated that he “was very proud of their performances given that it was their first time exposed to the international stage.”

Meanwhile, McDonald noted that “We didn’t fare as well in the RX category this time around.”

Stephen Fraser (right) finished third in the novice category in the CrossFit Throw Down in Trinidad & Tobago

He noted that the nation’s two standout CrossFit athletes, Dillon Mahadeo and Semonica Duke finished 10th and sixth overall in the male and female category, respectively.

Said McDonald “Dillon was unable to make it into the top five for the last event after not completing a clean and jerk in event 2B, he made a mistake with his weight calculation and as a result got last place in that event which made it almost mathematically impossible to recover,

Rahman on the podium draped with the Golden Arrowhead after finishing third in the novices division at the CrossFit 12-12-12 Throw Down

especially given this very competitive field.”

He added “Semonica fared well on her first international meet and was in third place up to event 5 (only top 5 get to event 5) but had to pull out due to injury.”

The team was scheduled to return yesterday.

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