Dorado Speed Swim Club to stage meet in October

The Dorado Speed Swim club will hosting its first meet since the recent 23rd Goodwill Swim Meet October 14 at the National Aquatic Centre, Liliendaal.

The meet, the Dorado Speed Swim Club Invitational Pentathlon, will see swimmers battling for top honors for themselves and clubs.

The local team expected to participate are the Dolphin Speed Swim Club, the Orca Speed Swim Club, the Sea-Otters Swim Club and the host club.

Two teams from neighbouring Suriname are also expected to participate.  The rules of the pentathlon are that the swimmers must swim all five events in their respective age-groups (the Individual Medley  the Butterfly, the Backstroke, the Breaststroke and the Freestyle events) in order to get the trophy for the individual with the highest points…..