Squad for Grenada friendly based on Inter-Association tournament

- Head coach Wayne Dover

Following the surprising non-selection of players from the Guyana Police Force (GPF) for the upcoming clash with Grenada Golden Jaguars Football head coach Wayne Dover said yesterday that the composition of the team was based on the performances of players in the current Inter Association tournament.

In an exclusive interview with Stabroek Sport, Dover said: “Currently, based on the Inter-Association [GT/UDFA] tournament that is playing, we arrived with many of the players that make up the provisional squad from the various association teams and a few from the Corona Tournament [an event ironically won by the GPF].”

He added:”With that I have not noticed the large pool from the Police Football Club representing the Georgetown team but there will be a process of continuous monitoring of players over the next couple of months to arrive with the best possible local squad.”

Wayne Dover

The Guyana Football Federation (GFF)  last week named a 27-member local  provisional squad for the international fixture on October 8th against Grenada in the ‘Spice Isle’.

However, the non-selection of players from the GPF club has prompted several questions regarding the selection criteria utilized.

Despite, appearing in three recent national knockout tournaments and winning two of them; the Mayor’s Cup 2016 and the Corona Beer Invitational 2017, players from the GPF team have been ignored for possible national honours. When asked if a committee or a body made the selections for the provisional squad, Dover said: “I was responsible for the selection with a few recommendations from coaches from the ATC [Academy Training Centre], and various association coaches.”

Quizzed about the criteria utilized to make the selections, the former Alpha United tactician said, “Obviously, fitness was a key component in the criteria as well as all the components of football, inclusive of technical, tactical and discipline.

He added, “For a number of those guys playing in the Inter-Association and Georgetown tournaments, we wanted to use as much of them who were active. For some of the other players who are in the squad, based on experience they were selected.

“Today [yesterday] will be fourth session since the start. It has been good so far. The players who have attended thus far have shown a determination based on the work, to find themselves in the final squad.” He added, “First and foremost, we are looking forward for a good result that in out itself could help raise the country’s ranking.”

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