Forde calls on stakeholders to put football first

- says GFF hoping to resume accessing FAP funding soon

Guyana Football Federation (GFF) President Wayne Forde said Friday that the International Football Federation had decided to halt funding to the GFF following an audit investigation.

Forde, who was elected to office in 2015, during an interview at his GFF Section-K Campbellville Headquarters on Friday said that an audit investigation had been conducted by Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC) into the 11-month period the Clinton Urling-led Normalization Committee

Forde revealed that many red flags and anomalies were identified which forced the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) following recommendations from PwC, to place Guyana under conditional funding.

He said that while the situation did not completely hinder the GFF’s attempt to develop the sport, it created a scenario which limited their access to developmental funding, in the process affecting the federation’s capability to support its Member Associations (MAs) respective programmes.

Wayne Forde

However, Forde declared that despite the lack of international subsidy, the federation has been able to achieve many initiatives which is contrary to what is being peddled in many factions.

Among the high-points listed by the former Fruta Conquerors President were the Olympic qualifiers for the senior team (Lady Jaguars), U17 (Boys) Caribbean championship, U-15 (Boys) French Guiana Invitational six nation tournament, U-17 (Boys) Martinique invitational six Nation tournament, where Guyana achieved a historic win over Haiti, CONCACAF U-15 (Boys) in Florida, nationwide female development league, inking (5) years sponsorship deal with NAMILCO and the Pele Alumni organization, for the Nationwide U17 and U15 Boys Intra-Association tournament respectively, where funding and equipment were provided to every Association, the current preparation of a fine selection of U-13 (Boys) that will lead the FIFA 2026 world Cup Campaign, playing International friendlies within the FIFA windows against Canada, Suriname and Martinique, the setting up of 13 Academies nationwide, 30 paid coaches on the Federation’s payroll as irrefutable testimony to the institution’s achievements over its two year reign.

Forde added that infrastructure development has also been achieved by his administration, with the setting up of a lighting system at the Buxton Community Centre ground an example. He said that a similar objective will be attempted at the Bartica Community ground.

“We are determined to meet those goals that we promised to achieve during the run up to elections and despite a few unhelpful developments we remain positive that most of them will be attained,” he declared.

Forde accepted that while football development is a painstaking process and is many years behind where it should be, he affirmed that the sport’s current landscape has improved.

“We are hoping to restructure our finance operations and this is aimed at being in a better position to offer more to our MAs so that their programmes could be executed in an efficient manner, while also positioning the federation to resume access of the FAP funding,” he added.

Asked about the reasons for the delay in the long awaited FIFA Forward Project at the Providence Community Centre, Forde said that the legality of the lease was the core reason for the postponement. However, he confirmed that the matter has been resolved and that the programme is expected to commence shortly.

He further disclosed that the GFF is considering the initiative of offering players one year professional contracts. However, he warned that the proposal will have conditions that are applicable such as drug testing, revealing, that the intention is to create a professional culture in Guyanese football.

“Some members have simply neglected their responsibility to their members by failing to organize football within their jurisdiction.”

Forde called on all stakeholders to put the beautiful game first, as they strive for collective development.

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